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    • Raspberry and Coconut Slice

      It’s pink, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and a perfect Mothers’ Day treat for the special ladies and Mumma Bears in our lives.

      Not only is it raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar free, but it’s also filled with nutrients thanks to Loving Earth’s delicious buckinis: a grain-free, gluten-free, wholefood mix that combines raw activated buckwheat (a protein-packed seed) with superfoods such as Maca and Mesquite. And let’s not forget the good dose of antioxidants due to Loving Earth’s raw cacao powder. We reckon all of this makes it more than ok to go back for seconds!

      So, tell Mum to put her feet up, pop the kettle on, and serve up an afternoon tea filled with love and a whole lot of goodness.

    • Creamy Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

      This is no ordinary green avocado smoothie - it's a creamy double layered chocolate version made with our cacao powder! It's great for satisfying those sweet chocolate cravings without the sugar crash! With the added health benefits of maca powder and chia seeds, it's the perfect nourishing breakfast or snack! - Kira Constable

    • Raw Mocha Cheesecake

      Coffee and chocolate, my favourite combination. This Raw Mocha Cheesecake is gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free making for a delicious, whole foods treat full of protein and healthy fats. Combine it with candied macadamias and you have yourself the perfect afternoon treat or special occasion cake.

    • Banana & Almond Butter Maca ...

      This banana and almond butter bread is not only deliciously light and fluffy to eat, it is made entirely out of nutrient rich, wholesome ingredients. It also contains the superfood maca, giving it a slight malty vanilla taste.

      Thanks Eleanor for the inspiring recipe!

    • The Maca Hot Choc

      Why don’t I set the scene: it’s Sunday morning in bed (dangerously close to midday actually), the rain’s pouring on the roof and the papers are strewn. Enter two hot chocs for doona-clad bed occupiers who consume and remain right where they are. Happy days. - Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient This recipe is from Amy's new ebook 'A Nourishing Morning' - get your copy here!

    • Raw Chocolate Cashew Fudge

      These chocolate treats are incredible simple to make and totally delicious to boot! They are also a great way to sneak superfoods into your diet. Try some Lucuma Powder in the cashew and coconut mix, or even some Maca Powder into your raw chocolate!

    • Cauliflower Tahini Soup with Mac...

      I forget sometimes how easy soup can be; vegetable, stock, some spice then leave it to boil and blend. When making something this simple I always have a few things on top, something crunchy, something spicy and something creamy. Our Yellow Kale Chips, some chili and a nutty cream fulfill the brief for a hearty Monday lunch.

    • 2 Minute Tahini-Lemon Nut Balls

      This is a great and really simple recipe I made up after a bit of experimentation. I found hundreds of different approaches to the ubiquitous "bliss ball" on cooking blogs across the length and breadth of the 'net - this is my version!

      Nutty and satisfying with a real bite, the creaminess of the macadamias and brazil nuts provide a great counterbalance to the wholesome element which tahini and oats bring to the table. Some raw natural honey sweetens it up and lemon juice ensures it retains that fresh flavour which really brings it to life.

      Best of all, it's hand-mixed - no need to clean up a mucky blender when you're done!

    • Vanilla Cherry Macaroons

      Oh yes I am an absolute maniac therefore I get to eat lots of these. These raw macaroons, paired with a nice, calming tea, are my new favourite stress remedy.

    • Chocolate Macaroons

      This recipe is so easy, and is especially fun to make with kids. These are delicious raw, too, but if you want some crunch, cook them as described below. Also feel free to tweak them by adding goji berries or even chilli (as I’ve been known to do!). - Lola Berry

    • Raw Maca and Goji Berry Chocolate

      I love all things chocolate, any combination, any which way I’m all over it. Lucky for me, cacao is considered one of natures super foods and because I have the means to make my own chocolate with pure, natural ingredients my crazy addiction isn’t detrimental to my health. - Saphira Tuffery

    • Flamboyant Saffron + Caramel Moi...

      The sensual and warm saffron has a date with an indulgent chocolate filling - a flavour sensation you'll come back to over and over again. With nutrients such as virgin coconut oil, saffron, mesquite and raw cacao you can't really feel guilty when indulging in these.  - Karolina Eleonóra


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