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    Featured Foodie - The Saarah Project, Sarah Henderson


    Sarah, you’re the queen of food styling! Or perhaps we should call you the queen of whole-food styling? Tell us a bit about yourself!

    Haha! Oh thank you, I’m honoured! Well, I’m just a kiwi gal passionate about whole foods, photography and visual design! I worked as an architectural designer for 5 years and have always had photography on the side as my creative outlet. About 2 years ago, I started a casual instagram page aka my visual diary, mainly because I loved creating whole food recipes, and wanted a place to share my discoveries. Little did I know, it would turn into my job today; a content creator, food/ product stylist, recipe developer and photographer.

    What are your non-negotiables when it comes to health and general lifestyle?

    Keeping active is super important to me! It’s so much more than the physical, but about the mental health too. I usually start the day with a walk, or by getting my heart rate up at the gym - It helps me feel super focused. In this new freelance chapter, I’ve really been appreciating a new morning routine that has allowed me to slow right down. It’s such a special time to reflect and be grateful, rather than rushing out the door. I’m such a morning person!

    You’ve just recently come back from a trip to the US, is that right? Where was your favourite eatery/destination for food and why?

    Yes! My husband and I went on a holiday to California. We started in L.A, drove to Yosemite and ended up in San Fransisco. Favourite foodie spot was in L.A called - JEWEL: EAT LOVELY - @eatatjewel. It was a complete fluke that we ended up here, I kinda like that though (i’m usually all about the plans!). They have a beautifully crafted menu and I really enjoyed the vibe and the staff. I got the plant based “salmon” with avocado on seeded toast.

    You’ve just recently launched your business as a freelance photographer as well! Congrats! What’s one highlight and one challenge you’ve come across since starting?

    Thank you so much! I seriously can’t believe that this is my full time job! I’ve been a full time freelancer for a month now, and I still wake up thinking “I can’t believe this is my job! I get to play with food today!”. One highlight has been the organic growth and community I’ve found. I absolutely love the big and small brands I get to work with. I get so much joy creating content that will help them grow their business and sell the product they believe in.

    The most challenging part of being a freelancer is remembering to stop work and self motivation. I tend to start work on a Monday and then realise that it’s Saturday. Time flies! I am trying to do one day a week that I don’t pick up my camera and spend time with the special people in my life.

    What are your top 3 tips for content creation and food photography/styling?

    1. Develop your style and stick to it! With that being said, there’s also a beauty in understandingthe look and feel of the brand you are creating content for, but doing that without loosing your sense of style.
    2. Know your lighting and how to work with it. I’m a natural light shooter so I’m constantly looking for the clouds and am very aware of what time of day I shoot. You’ll get the softer light in the morning as well as in the afternoon as the sun starts to drop.
    3. I love playing with textures, whether it’s texture in extracting food ingredients or through fabrics. There’s something nice about roughing up a pretty slice, or cake, to try and capture what it’d be like to bite (or cut) into.

    If there were one signature recipe you’d share as your legacy, what would it be?

    I think it would be a roast veggie salad dish loaded with some sort of grain, nuts, seeds, dried or fresh fruit pieces with a killer tahini dressing. I have no idea why I’m so obsessed with roast veggies, I love them!

    When did you first find out about us here at Loving Earth?

    I first heard about Loving Earth through Youtubers/ instagram. I then saw it at my local health foods store, and had to try some!

    What’s your favourite Loving Earth chocolate flavour?

    Oh that’s a hard one! I think it would be salted caramel first, followed very closely by mint.

    What is Loving Earth to you?

    It’s not about being the perfect eco warrior, but just being aware of how you look after the environment you live in! Just start somewhere.

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