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    Quick Guide to Superfoods

    Love it or hate it, the seasonal wheel is rolling along and we’re all on board for the ride. As the leaves drop with the temperatures, I’m definitely up for the cosy fashion options, steaming hot chocolate and a bit of extra love for my immune system. It’s time to talk about superfoods!

    What exactly are these much-hyped magic ingredients? To be completely honest, they’re not really a proper thing. It’s a broad term that bundles a bunch of high performing fruits and vegetables into a sexy marketing package. (…we don’t mind the odd sexy marketing package ;). In reality, they are a diverse group of fruits and vegetables from around the world that have been used in traditional diets for centuries. You might call them nature’s little vitamin bombs and they each have their own specific benefits. What they are not, is a magic pill to fix all ills. A shot of ginseng will not counteract my 2 doughnut, double espresso breakfast. Sad but true. Real health is still about the same age-old advice…good sleep, lots of water, moving your body, eating real food. They can give you a boost when you’re feeling a bit fragile though and, added to a delicious recipe, they sure to give you all the glow-y self-care vibes.

    One important tip - look out for how they’re processed. Freshly brewed matcha tea vs a sugary, matcha flavoured bottled drink…there’s no comparison. That’s why we’re so big on minimal processing, like with our Gubinge powder from the Twin Lakes Cultural Park in the Kimberley. It’s just the whole fruit, freeze dried and ground so as much of the vitamin C is left in it as possible. Best ever for a winter shot of sunshine.

    We’ve put together a little cheat sheet on some of the better known exotic superfoods for you, in case that’s helpful. There are also some quick and easy drink recipes if you feel inclined to add some extra support to your day to day.

    From the Brazilian Amazon, this fruit is dense with high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals.


    It grows exclusively in the central Andes, this root vegetable may enhance libido, improve hormonal balance, and reduce menopausal symptoms.


    Loaded with antioxidants and potential benefits like eye and gut health. Maqui berry may fight inflammation and protect against heart disease. Add a scoop to your pancake batter to add a blast of purple to your day!


    Gubinge (AKA Kakadu Plum) Is the highest natural source of Vitamin C in the world. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant supporting the immune system, cognition, iron absorption and used to make collagen.


    Contains powerful antioxidants, vitamin c, and amino acids such as serine, valine, and leucine.


    The greatest superfood of all! It's as healthy and super charged as it is delicious. Rich in magnesium and high in iron, it contains a prebiotic that is good for gut bacteria. To top it off, it's loaded with antioxidants, protecting your cells from free radicals.

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