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    Winter Skincare with Loving Earth and INIKA Organic

    What’s not to love about winter? It’s all about curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book, sipping on a hot drink and snacking on your favourite chocolate ;)

    Winter for us is all about self-care, with skincare being one of them! Winter weather can leave your skin feeling pretty dry so it’s important to take a bit of extra time out to care, nourish and look after it.

    A skincare brand that’s on our radar here at the Loving Earth office is INIKA Organic. INIKA Organic is not only based out of Melbourne like us but is also 100% organic, plant-based and cruelty-free!

    Change of season often means changing up your routine to meet your winter skin-care needs. But thanks to INIKA Organic and a few of our very own products, the transition has been seamless.

    So what have I been doing to hydrate and nourish my skin this winter? Read on…

    After cleansing and toning my face, I’ll apply INIKA Organic ‘s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil right before bed. I find that my skin looks so much brighter and hydrated after just one application of this! I mainly use it in the evenings but it can make for a pretty good base moisturiser before make-up in the mornings as well.

    To keep things simple, I’ll usually just apply some of INIKA Organic’s Certified Organic Cream Illuminisor. I tap a small amount on the cheekbones, which adds a warm, healthy glow to my complexion. To brighten up my eyes, I apply the INIKA Organic Long Lash Vegan Mascara – a little goes a long way! This one really plumps up your lashes while still adding length. Then just before heading out the door, I’ll dab on some of the INIKA Organic Certified Organic Lip Serum to keep my lips plump and moisturised, ready to start the day!

    Some other ways to keep the skin looking healthy and refreshed throughout the colder months are none other than facemasks. INIKA Organic whipped up a few recipes using some of our ingredients including cacao, maca, coconut oil, and coconut sugar. Not only are these ingredients delicious and nourishing for your insides, but your skin will also love them too.

    I love how simple these recipes are and how they can be made in less than 20 minutes. I tested out these recipes for myself and I can confirm that my skin instantly looked brighter and revitalised! These masks are definitely something I’m adding to my weekly winter rituals. Try them out for yourself.

    15 minute DIY Cacao, Maca and Coconut Face Mask

    If you’re fighting off the urge to indulge in a chocolate treat, try this easy-to-make and antioxidant-rich face mask. Suitable for all skin types (dry, combination or oily) and made with just three simple ingredients that have real skincare benefits and are good enough to eat (and you can!)

    Cacao Powder for a dose of skin-loving nutrients to relieve dryness while firming the skin

    Maca Powder to fight free radicals, boost mood and reduce breakouts

    Coconut Oil for intense hydration, rich in fatty acids to reduce any skin irritation

    Cacao, Maca and Coconut Face Mask

    Prep: 5 minutes

    Treatment: 10 minutes

    Together in a bowl, mix together:

    1 x Tablespoon of Loving Earth Cacao Powder

    1 x Tablespoon of Loving Earth Maca Powder

    1 ½ x Tablespoons of warmed Loving Earth Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

    Apply as a paste to fresh, clean skin and leave for 10 minutes, before washing off.

    15 minute DIY Lip Scrub and Lip Treatment Mask

    Scrub away wind-chapped lips and lock in hydration with this two-part Lip Scrub and Lip Treatment. Start with a, Enriched Rosehip and Coconut Sugar Lip Scrub to remove dry, flaky skin and then soothe and hydrate lips with a Rosehip and Acai Berry Lip Treatment Mask.

    Enriched Rosehip Oil to hydrate and recondition with added Certified Organic Lilli Pilli, Kakadu Plum, Crown of Gold, and Quandong

    Coconut Sugar for a gentle and effective exfoliation

    Acai Berry to brighten and fight the signs of ageing

    Prep: 5 minutes

    Treatment: 2 minute scrub, 6 minute lip mask

    Enriched Rosehip and Coconut Sugar Lip Scrub

    Together in a small bowl, mix together:

    1 x teaspoon of Loving Earth Coconut Sugar

    2 x pumps of INIKA Organic Certified Organic Enriched Rosehip Oil

    Apply in circular motions to dry lips and buff gently to remove dry skin, rinse with warm water

    Enriched Rosehip and Acai Berry Lip Treatment Mask

    Together in a separate bowl, mix together:

    1 x teaspoon of Loving Earth Acai Powder

    1 x pump of INIKA Organic Certified Organic Enriched Rosehip Oil

    Apply as a paste to lips after exfoliation. Leave for 6 minutes, before washing off with warm water.

    Apply INIKA Organic Certified Organic Lip Serum afterward to enjoy soft and silky lips.


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