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    Demystifying MYLK

    Milk or Mylk? So what’s the difference?

    The term “mylk” is most likely familiar if you follow a plant-based lifestyle…but for anyone who’s just starting out on this journey (hi and welcome!), it might be a whole new word. So let’s take a few steps back.

    In a nutshell, “mylk” describes any form of non-dairy milk. If you’ve followed our recipes before, it’s most likely that you were directed to use a “plant-based mylk of choice” (actually, 100% likely. We’re always 100% plant-based ;) )

    In our recipes and in our chocolate, we usually go for the nut-based kind - so almond mylk, cashew mylk, coconut mylk, hazelnut mylk, macadamia mylk…ALL THE NUTS!

    Plant-based nut mylks may seem like the newest trend sweeping the planet, but in actual fact they’ve been used for centuries in many different cuisines. Each plant-based mylk has it’s own set of nutritional benefits, and these mylks aren’t just for plant-based foodies, but are great for people with dairy and lactose sensitivities too. The good thing about nut mylks is they don’t have to be store-bought either – as long as you have nuts and a good blender, you can easily make it at home!

    Today, we’re shining a spotlight on cashews and cashew mylk. There’s something about the rich, buttery taste of cashews that gives it a super creamy flavour when turned into a mylk.

    That’s why we use cashews to make our creamy, new kid on the block, Cashew MYLK. We call it our version of the traditional dairy milk chocolate.

    We’ve established that cashews are creamy, but how do we make the bar even creamier? Keep reading for the step by step process…


    First, we grind the cashews into butter using a micro-cutter – this is where the real creaminess begins! Once it’s become butter, we conch it for round 2 of churning and processing.


    It wouldn’t be chocolate without the cacao nibs now, would it? At this point, we load up the conch with nibs and continue the processing.

    Cacao butter and evaporated coconut nectar:

    Little by little, we pour cacao butter and evaporated coconut nectar into the conch.

    Once all the magic ingredients are combined together, it’s time to let them mix for a little while longer. After 20 hours or so, we place this into a holding tank.

    The final stage is pouring it into molds, wrapping it, packing it and off it goes!

    Seeing as it’s so MYLK-y and delicious, we couldn’t just have them in the 80g molds – we had to go and make them into our 30g hearts too! We’re calling this the new baby on the block. Now available online and in a range of stores throughout Australia.

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