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    Skin Food Recipes To Make You Feel Good!

    I've always been a big fan of DIY and making things at home where I can. I hate the amount of money skincare costs and more so the plastic packaging it's all contained in. So I decided to make some products using ingredients I had at home and tested them out. Have a read...


    Coffee Scrub

    We love a cup of coffee at LE HQ and are always looking to reduce our waste output too. Enter DIY coffee scrub. This is such a luscious way to love your body and it can all be made with a few simple kitchen ingredients. I’ve used this every second day for a week and my body feels so moisturised and smooth, such a treat as Winter hits hard here in Melbourne. It’s also given me some precious me time which is so needed with a 3 year old running around and another little babe on the way! I love this scrub and am going to make sure I always have a pot in the shower.

    Anyway, have a crack and let us know what you think.

    ¾ cup coconut oil, melted
    1 cup used coffee grounds
    1 cup coconut sugar


    Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and store in a container that is suitable for keeping in the shower.

    Make sure your whole body is wet and then push the shower head to face away from your body. I like to start from my feet and work my way up, the poor feet don’t get nearly enough love for all the hard work they do! Massage the scrub into your body – make sure to take your time!

    Once your whole body is covered, wash off the water and enjoy the divine smooth feeling.



    Oil Cleansing

    I’ve heard a lot of people talking about oil cleansing lately and having the best coconut oil on hand here at Loving Earth I thought I’d try the coconut oil method. I’ve always used coconut oil as an eye make up remover (the most effective I’ve ever used!) but for the past month I’ve used it as a replacement for my cream cleaner. The key to cleansing with oil is a hot face cloth for removal. Check out this video to get an idea of how to cleanse and remove.

    My face has definitely felt more hydrated and soft. I absolutely love that I can stop using my other cleaner that has a few too many ingredients for my liking, even though it’s all pretty natural. This method has also helped me to slow down for a second, that hot facecloth is such a moment of peace!

    Loving Earth coconut oil or your preferred oil alternative such as jojoba oil.


    Take a small amount of oil in your hand, if the oil is hard from the cold let it melt in your hands until completely melted. Begin rubbing all over your face and neck in small circular movements. Take your time and really massage out your jaw or any spots with any tension.

    Run the hot water until quite hot and completely soak a face cloth. Wring out the water and place over your entire face for a few seconds, breath in deep.

    Next wrap the face cloth around one hand and use small circular movements to remove the oil from your whole face.


    Green Tea Toner

    I’ve never really known what the hype was about toner so have never really used one, too many steps for someone who likes a simple skincare routine! They say that using a toner can reduce inflammation, help the skin appear brighter and improve hydration…so I decided I’d give it a whirl. While I didn’t really notice a huge difference with this toner I did love having it on hand for a refreshing spritz throughout the day.

    3 x organic green tea bags or 3 tsp of loose leaf
    1 cup of nearly boiling water
    Essential oil; rose, tea tree or geranium


    Pour the almost boiling water over the tea and steep, covered for 10 minutes. You want to make it quite strong. Let the green tea cool.

    Pour the tea into a bottle with a spray attachment or you can use any glass container and apply with a reusable cotton pad.

    Add essential oils. We used 2 drops rose, 2 drop geranium.

    Use a spray or two after washing your face. You can also use this mix as a refreshing spray throughout the day.


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