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    Guilt & Conscious Eating – Snacking & Breakfasts

    So often we see products in our industry advertised as ‘guilt free’, illustrating just how problematic concepts around food and health can be. What is it that inspires ‘guilt’ around what we eat? Guilt is the result of doing something that goes against what we believe to be right, in this case about diet and food. These beliefs are usually around - is it healthy? (according to whatever our current concept of the term is) - is it sustainable, is it good for the planet?

    If we’re clear that both answers are yes, we feel good. We feel no guilt. Perhaps we even feel virtuous.

    The problem with this picture lies in the beliefs themselves. Where do they come from?

    There are a lot of people adamant about what you should eat and why, many of them contradicting each other. If you try and sort through all of these opinions, you can drive yourself crazy. That’s not to say there isn’t a bunch of great information out there to help you become conscious about the why’s and wherefores of the different options but...your choice of what’s right for you has to come from somewhere else. Somewhere much closer to home.

    The answer? Listening to your own body and your own inner sense of right and wrong. Learning to hear your body’s guidance and being conscious of the impact that your choices create.




    This is something we’ve been interested in for a while and led us to great transformations once we began to put it into practice. The more you practice listening to your own guidance, the better you get at it – and sometimes what you need may not conform to what you’ve been told by other people.

    That said, the more committed we become to conscious living, the more complicated good choices become when “business-as-usual” is interrupted. You may be traveling, eating away from home or simply just caught off-guard…so you get really hungry and end up eating something your body doesn’t feel good about. 

    This made us ask ourselves – when does this happen most often? Breakfasts can get really repetitive and boring, or else consist of unsatisfactory choices. Snacking is a mine-field – sometimes we want something sweet, sometimes savoury.




    Considering this, we decided to create a breakfast and snack offering that is diverse, adaptable and suitable for all sorts of peoples’ diets. Three simple concepts drove our decisions:

    1 – food should be functional

    2 – food should be enjoyable

    3 – we’re all different

    We started by researching the needs of our community, alongside the nutritional profile of the different ingredients available to us. It started to become clear that we had the makings of three distinct ranges:

    Clusters – an update of our original range, comprised of Activated Buckinis blended with a variety of sweetened superfood combinations as a good all-around base in three varieties – Deluxe, Chocolate and Caramelised. Although still low GI and with a broad nutritional profile, these definitely have something of a ‘luxurious’ feel to them!

    Cereals – these two varieties are a more simple approach. Think of these as your ‘everyday’ varieties. Pure and fresh with a broad no-nonsense appeal, great for brightening things up with a healthy dose of coconut, flax seed and chia. The Berry & Cacao variety contains no added nuts and the Nut & Seed version is fructose free.

    Paleo Mixes – a bit of a departure from the others, these are vegan (of course) and don’t contain any buckwheat. They come in two flavours – Berry & Choc and Protein Power. Inspired by the concept of ancestral diets, both are high in healthy fats, low in carbs and contain a decent amount of protein – over 10 grams per serve in the Protein Power variety, which is also fructose free.

    As with all of our products, we are committed to keeping the range fully vegan. If you want to read more, here’s our popular blog post from about two years back on different diets amongst our staff and customers - Clean, Paleo, Raw, Vegan: Fads, Fears and Facts.




    Another important element is keeping our buckwheat as close to its natural state as possible, making more of the nutrients available to your body. Unlike other breakfast cereals that use extrusion (a process which may extensively destroy their nutrients), we activate our ingredients. Activation is the same as sprouting – soaking the seeds in filtered water to release the enzyme inhibitors, bringing the seeds to life and making even more nutrients available to your body.

    Now we have a variety of options - whether we need a handful of snacky wholefoods, a sprinkled addition to brighten up an old favourite, or a last minute breakfast…we’ve got all the bases covered!

    Enter the draw by leaving a comment below telling us:

    1) why we use activation as a key part of these new products

    2) which range is most appealing to your body right now

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