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    • Behind The Scenes of Creating the New 45's With Our Chocolatier and Food Technologist

      With the launch of our tasty new Pocket 45 range, we thought you’d like a peek behind the curtain into how we create the flavours that end up in your hot little hands!
    • The Fresh Flavours Of The New 45g Range Are Anything But Ordinary

      Loving Earth is a Melbourne brand with a long legacy, making chocolate and forging its own unique path for over a decade.
    • Loving Life - The Story of Loving Earth

      An Interview with Loving Earth founder Scott Fry.
    • Friends of Loving Earth: Kale Brock of Kales Broccoli

      Meet our friend, Kale Brock. We sat down to hear about his journey on traveling to some of the worlds happiest places as he uncovers the topic of living a long, happy and healthy life.
    • Demystifying MYLK

      Milk or Mylk - what’s the difference?
    • Celebrating Mum with the best chocolate for Mother’s Day

      So what’s the best chocolate to get your mum on mother’s day? We’ve matched our delicious choccies with all the different types of mums out there, celebrating their individual glory…
    • Nuts About Nuts - Win A Box Of Hazelnut Chocolate Butter!

      Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and probably even then), you’ll have noticed that Nutella has been trending hard for the last few months. Nutella donuts, nutella croissants, nutella deodorant… (okay we made that last one up).
    • Featured Foodie: Georgia McDermott - George Eats

      "I need healthy food, a solid 8 hours of sleep (at least) and lots of water to function like a normal human being. I've always been very sensitive to eating badly, dehydration and lack of sleep - I cannot fathom how people pull all nighters! I know it's all very boring for a 23 year old, but I really can't be a nice person otherwise."
    • New Chocolate Packaging - what's the story?

      Today we show the world our new chocolate packaging! It's pretty fact, no - it's VERY exciting! We've been working on this since last year and it took a LOT of doing before we were satisfied. If you look closely, you'll notice there's a whole system at play why did we do this, and how does it work?

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