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    Loving Life - The Story of Loving Earth

    This interview originally appeared in Complete Health Autumn Magazine.

    What’s inspired the inception of Loving Earth?

     When I was living in India back in early 2000s, I was involved in working with Adivasi rice farmers in a valley very close to Mumbai, which was going through rapid development. The farmers were struggling to make a living selling their rice, so instead, they sold their topsoil to the businessmen making bricks; trees were chopped down as fuel to fire the bricks with the burning and making of bricks creating a constant haze and pollution in the valley. Once the farmers sold their topsoil, their land was no longer farmable, so they eventually sold the land to the businessmen for more development.

    I guess we were motivated by the idea of creating a brand or business that would pay the farmers directly at a fair price, so that they could be self-sufficient, not be exploited and the environment would not be depleted.

    Scott in India

    Where does Loving Earth source ingredients from?

    We would source directly from the farmers or the cooperatives that represent them, whenever possible. Over the years, we have developed really strong relationships with the Ashaninka community in Peru and  most of our cacao comes directly from them; we also buy the Gubinge powder (Kakadu Plum) and Jillungin Dreaming Tea from the Nyul Nyul people in The Kimberley. We believe the best way to empower the farmers is to set a minimum price, so that they don’t undersell their products.

    What makes Loving Earth chocolate different?

    We like to keep our ingredients as close to nature as possible. No preservatives, no numbers and no refined cane sugar. We prefer to use gentler methods to lock all the goodness in, meaning you get the full benefits.  Our chocolate has a very distinctive flavour profile because we do not roast the cacao and we grind it all ourselves in our solar powered Willy Wonka world in Melbourne.  We pay USD$5 per Kilogram for the beans directly to Kemito Ene the Ashaninka cooperative who grow it in Peru.  We support the community by guaranteeing price, volume and financing at the beginning of each harvest season, this allows the Ashaninka to maintain their cultural autonomy and continue practicing their sacred tradition of Kametsa Asaiki (the pursuit of the Good Life).

    I have had the privilege of participating in the harvest personally and have experienced the  vibrant and connected community the cacao comes from, food is sacred and what we ingest comes from life force.

    Raw cacao nibs

    What’s your favourite Loving Earth product?

    Hazelnut Chocolate butter in a jar, we have really perfected the texture and the taste of it.  The unique flavour again comes from the fact that we don’t roast the cacao or the hazelnut.  So it is a more subtle, rich and nuanced flavour than the traditional roasted Nutella.

    The newly released Raspberry Eggs.  The unfolding of the flavours; the tartness of raspberry infused in the creamy coconut and wrapped in chocolate is really a match made in heaven.  Just imagine as the chocolate on the outside melts, the flavour inside starts to explode; it’s a real pleasure to eat.

    The new Raspberry Mylk and Mint Dark Easter eggs

    Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

    Fun fact - Loving Earth was originally called Living Earth, which really reflected our beliefs and inspirations drawn from living ecosystem and commitment to a regenerative planet. Unfortunately, the name was taken overseas, so we had to pivot last minute as we were preparing the launch of our products overseas 13 years ago!

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