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    Vegan, Ethical and Regenerative… Chocolate that Loves the Earth

    We are Loving Earth, proud chocolate makers from Melbourne. We make plant-based chocolate in our small chocolate factory, using the highest quality Peruvian cacao beans.

    This gorgeous cacao is regeneratively grown in the Amazon, by the Kemito Ene co-operative of Peru. This indigenous community grow their crop as they have for generations, using traditional methods to protect and regenerate hectares of forest. We’ve been working with Kemito Ene for over a decade, watching them go from strength to strength with each harvest.

    For the cooperative, the cacao harvest is a culturally sensitive source of income, native to the area. It means they don’t need money from loggers or coca (cocaine) growers which are one of the main sources of destruction of the forest.

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    There is a painful truth about chocolate that most chocolate lovers don’t know. Dirt cheap chocolate prices are made possible because children as young as six are trafficked and forced to work on cacao plantations.

    According to the 2018 Cocoa Barometer, there are as many as 2 million child labourers in West Africa alone, many of whom were kidnapped and forced into the servitude of the chocolate industry. Smugglers are paid to traffic children from countries like Mali and Guinea into the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Algeria.

    In case we need to spell it out, Loving Earth does not use cacao grown through child slavery. Degrading practices like these are just another reason to make sure you know what kind of world you are supporting with your dollar.

    Each year at Loving Earth, we undergo an intensive, voluntary audit with the ACO; Australia’s largest certification body for organic and biodynamic produce. In order to be accredited as Certified Organic, all our suppliers, growers, and farmers must also be Certified Organic.

    Becoming “Certified Organic” might be a rigorous process but by putting into practice a holistic approach of caring for our soil, plants, animals, food crops, environment, and people, it’s our promise to you that organic integrity has been maintained. And that paying that extra dollar or two for Certified Organic is totally worth it!

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    We have also been working to reduce our carbon footprint by installing 400 solar panels on the roof of our chocolate factory and having an advanced recycling system. All of our retail chocolate bars are wrapped in home compostable packaging and we are focusing on achieving our B corp certification in the not too distant future. We’re a company that’s big on looking after the planet…we’re called Loving Earth for a reason.


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