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    Q+A with Let's Go Vegan

    In celebration of Veganuary, we sat down with the team at Let's Go Vegan, Australia's guide to all things vegan and plant-based, to get their thoughts on going vegan, being vegan, and the future of vegan.

    It's the start of a new year and a lot of people will be making resolutions. Aside from going vegan, what do you think are the top two resolutions to make if you want to change the world for the better?

    Reduce your use of plastic where possible and be kind to those around you. After the year we have had, people are tired and looking for connection, being kind and talking with those close to you is such a powerful way to spread kindness. We are believers in the butterfly effect, so one act of kindness to another is something that can spread! In terms of tangibles, plastic reduction wherever possible is the great challenge and responsibility of our generation, never more than now. #watchseaspiracy

    Food, fashion, and fitness are the three industries that are the most able to choose to veganise their products. What or who is making this easier and what industries should follow suit?

    The fashion industry seems to be seeing the benefits in promoting sustainability of late, seeing brands use up-cycled bottles to create leather, or the use of pineapple, cactus or apple leather is awesome. This is also such a huge industry so its great to see. Fast food companies are now seeing the benefit in providing a vegan option to consumers and this is happening all across the globe with companies such as Beyond Meat & Impossible Burgers making it easier than ever to make a cruelty-free choice.

    We would love to see the pet food industry follow suit as they are huge uses of animal products and are in need of disruption!

    What are your thoughts on meat substitutes?

    We are 100% fans of meat substitutes. When people ask 'why do vegans want to replace animal products if you're vegan?' we always say, most vegans enjoyed the taste of meat before going vegan, they just don't want to contribute to death and suffering to animals. So meat substitutes are the ultimate answer and they're also the gateway for flexitarians or the vegan-curious to explore veganism in a familiar manner.

    Controversial question but should pets be vegan?

    We usually stay away from this topic as yes it can be quite controversial but one thing we do always say is that everything makes a difference.

    What we mean by this in relation to pets is that if you can avoid leather collars, can buy ethical bedding for them (no feathers or wool), support ethical toys, accessories, and even treats (ie dried sweet potato for dogs instead of liver) then you will be making a difference.

    In terms of food, this is an issue many disagree on but we will say that 'conventional pet food' is certainly not great for pets in most cases and we have seen countless examples of healthy happy plant-based pets who have lived long healthy lives. As always with anything like this, you should always consult a professional first.

    The head chef of Claridge's in London recently left because they rejected his all plant-based menu. Do you think he's made a mistake as he could have been an agent for change on the inside or is he upholding his values?

    We don't think it's a mistake, we think it's great that he is standing up for the plant-based movement moving forward (listen to his interview on the Rich Roll Podcast Show Ep615). His name is Daniel Humm and he runs one of New York's most popular fine dining restaurants and is fully booked at that venue. The scene is changing with chefs like Marco Pierre White & Heston Blumenthal experimenting with plant-based meats, cell-based meats, and even 3D-printed meats (using plant-based ingredients). The smart move is to see the changing tastes and get ahead of them, this is what we think he is doing and he is pioneering the move towards the future of food!

    Soy is a bit of a vegan wonder ingredient. Quickfire, name how many ways you can use soy. Go! (...and what's your favourite?)

    Scrambled, marinated, baked, nuggets, chocolate mousse (silken), our favourite use though is a classic tofu scramble for breakfast! Quick, delicious, and filling on toast!

    What do you think of the term 'plant-based' vs vegan? And are you down with people who dabble in a plant-based diet?

    Absolutely, we think that any move to reduce, remove or completely eliminate animal-derived elements from your life is a step forward, so whatever you want to call it, just keep doing it and moving forward!

    For many people, the term vegan can be confronting too, so if they are slowly removing these products then being able to use the term plant-based to describe themselves it can be really effective!

    If you had to pick one Loving Earth product to live off of after the zombie apocalypse what would you choose and why? 

    Cream and cookies chocolate hands down! Delicious, creamy goodness that even in an apocalypse can be enjoyed!

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