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    Q+A with It's All Fluff

    Continuing the stellar lineup in the chocolate party is the ever-so-cool and fresh-faced Fluff.We took a breather from the dance floor with founder, Erika...

    What are your non-negotiables when it comes to skincare? Simplicity of philosophy, natural ingredients and application. I am personally not interested in the latest scientific developments or chemical ‘peels’, nor am I keen on being tied down to a 10-step regime. The less I’ve cared about the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ of skincare and instead focused my attention internally on my emotions, the food I eat, and the life I live, the better my skin has been. What we sell at Fluff, I use. That’s it, apart from a tinted SPF moisturiser in summer. 

    It’s All Fluff has a really strong tone of voice and identity, where did that originate? When we were building our brand in 2017 we were focused on a younger consumer - aged between 16-23. We doubled down on their voice, the way they communicate with each other, their sense of straight-up honesty, social commentary and self-deprecation. We chose to reflect this voice in our comms, in addition to our own honest thoughts and feelings about the beauty industry, from a founder/company perspective. 

    We loved this from your website, ‘Join the conversation. We want to talk about our issues with the industry and hear your own. Instead of telling people what to think and how to do things, we ask them what they’re thinking.” How has opening up your platform inspired change for you personally and as a brand? I always had a hunch that people wanted to be more open about their experience and issues with the beauty industry, so it was great to have this validated by the inundation of messages and submissions to our Issues page. A lot of brands will say they are listening or asking questions, but what they do with this information is another thing. Opening up a dialogue has made me appreciate my own vulnerabilities. It’s made me slow down and reassess my ideas of success, as well as in comparison to societies.

    Where do you feel most of your energy is focused at the moment in terms of new products? Are there any developments you’re excited about? We feel incredibly confident about our current product offering and are not interested in adding anything to the mix unless it would become a part of our own routines. In terms of future products, we are looking at a collaborative oil cleanser with a holistic skincare company, which brings me a lot of joy. Their approach to skin as a living, breathing organ and their education around maintaining skin health is honest and refreshing. Otherwise, our core range will expand next year with a series of cream blushes, additional lip oil shades, a brow product, and hopefully a daily, SPF moisturiser. 

    How do you think the beauty industry could be doing better? Where are the biggest gaps in the market? I believe the industry should slow down and stop producing so much - but this is a big ask in a capitalist world. We can do a lot better in terms of packaging (minimising single-use plastic and encouraging refills), however, we need to start with transparency around our supply chain and cost of goods, so that consumers can understand the true value of products.

    What does beauty mean to you and when do you feel most beautiful? Beauty to me - and Fluff - is so much more than makeup. It’s in everything we think, feel, do and say. Fluff exists to discuss these ideas, and develop an alternative narrative, that it’s ok to feel more with makeup, so long as you don’t feel less without it. I usually feel most like me when I’ve just woken up, when I’m sitting in the sun drinking coffee, writing, with important people around me, or at the beach. 

    What have you learned most about or been surprised by since starting Fluff? I’ve learned about the intricacies of running a business, and the differences in launching a brand between 2013 and 2017. I’ve been surprised by the change in my priorities, and the direction we’re now focused on. 

    Re-fillable skincare seems like such a no-brainer, how does that work on a practical level for you? One day we asked ourselves, ‘Why aren’t our Bronzers refillable? Can they be?’ The answer from our manufacturer was yes, so we knew we couldn’t say no. We are lucky that as a small business, we could pivot, and implement this change without unnecessary expenses. After this, it became a foundation for all our products, where possible. The solution to such isn’t simple, we still use plastic pouches for our liquid refills, as we look to find an alternative solution. But we know it’s better to take imperfect steps towards a perfect vision, rather than none at all. We hope to influence the industry so that this becomes standard practice. 

    You’re being sent to an unknown destination for a week, you can pack five essentials, one has to be a new 45 flavour and one has to be one of the Fluff products, what are they and what are the other three? Dirty Rose, Fluff: Face Oil #1, my diary, a pen, water. 

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