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    A Day In A Plate

    A Day In A Plate: Anna Feller, Wilder


    Coming from a big family we always cooked together and with one another. Being in the kitchen and garden was a huge part of my upbringing and I feel so fortunate to have these memories.

    We were always making soups and bone broths when siblings were sick, or upping probiotic rich foods when traveling. I learned first hand as a child that food really is medicine when you eat correctly. I have always been excited about fresh produce and cooking with food that is local and in season.

    When traveling full time as a model I would spend my weekends searching for the best farmers markets. Speaking to growers in foreign countries and learning different tricks and seed varieties.

    I feel most comfortable in the kitchen, washing and chopping vegetables... This is my daily meditation.

    Upon rising I always start my day with a jar of hot lemon water and a gentle stretch.

    I’m also pretty into a morning coffee ritual, this will usually be a long black with homemade almond milk.

    Then I will either have dark green juice from Orchard St or I will make a rainbow powder smoothie which consists of half a frozen banana, juice and flesh of a young coconut, 2 tablespoons of Loving Earth rainbow powder, a handful frozen blueberries, cod oil and a handful of greens. If I’m in a rush I will always stop past the Health Emporium for a green smoothie, they also make the best coconut milk matcha in town.

    rainbow powder smoothie bowl

    Between meals I try and drink at least a litre of water, berries or activated nuts.

    For Lunch I have a big fresh salad with mixed greens, grated zucchinis, cucumber & carrots. With lots of fresh herbs, tuna or salmon and mix it in with lemon juice, himalayan salt, goat yoghurt, apple cider vinegar and a nice extra virgin olive oil. I will usually have this with some sauerkraut or fermented vegetables.
    I'll alternate with a bone broth based soup. I try and make a soup every week for my son as its convenient and easy to heat. He will also eat cucumbers with the salmon or tuna from my salad with an organic sharp cheddar and spelt flatbread.



    Between meals I try and drink at least a litre of water and will usually snack on nori, wild smoked salmon, chopped up apples, tahini, cucumber, berries or activated nuts. We also love Loving Earth Salted Caramel Chocolate.


    For dinner I like to make a lentil bolognese with zucchini noodles and sheep cheese, or I will steam a bunch of green vegetables and roast some fish or chicken. I’ll soak some grains (amaranth, buckwheat or quinoa) and cook them in a bone broth. I always add lots of organic grass fed butter to Banjos vegetables.

    One of my favourites is a wild salmon curry with fresh coconuts, turmeric and limes. This is best served with soaked rice and steamed greens.



    I will often make a frozen banana ice cream with berries or cacao powder and coconut milk in my Vitamix for dessert, Banjo loves this. I will also have a nice glass of organic pinot noir or any natural wine!


    Check out Anna's gorgeous Instagram
    Photography - Chris Prestige

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