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    Featured Foodies - So Beautifully Raw, Sam Murphy

    What are your ‘non-negotiables’ when it comes to diet & lifestyle? 

    Aside from eating a plant based diet, I truly believe in the power of positive ‘self-talk’ – I’m definitely not perfect and easily fall into the habits of self-criticism, negative belief systems and other downfalls of having a busy & creative human brain, but I notice that every time I begin to become more present, more aware and in-charge of my inner-dialogue I notice a huge shift in not only the way I view myself & my body, but the way I feel. I highly recommend giving affirmations a try, I felt like an idiot at first repeating cringe-worthy loving words towards myself, but the more you say them - the more they stick & the more you believe them and they become less 'cringe worthy' and more truthful over time. It works, I swear - but like anything, it’s a practice and you need to keep working at it.


    When and how did you first begin cooking? 

    My first memories stem back to my childhood, cooking with my Mother! I was always very involved in the cooking and baking process. I actually started cooking for myself from a very young age - however, it wasn’t for positive reasons. Struggling with an eating disorder throughout my teenage years forced me to become very vigilant and controlling over my food, and I basically threw myself headfirst into learning how to cook. However, as I recovered, healed and became healthy - all those years of practice had payed off! I’m always learning, but I have lots of confidence in the kitchen thanks to spending so many years cooking from a young age. I encourage everyone to get in the kitchen, no matter how much you think you may suck - just start cooking!


    Mars Bar Bites{ Image: Mars Bar Bites }


    What inspired you to start So Beautifully Raw? 

    I actually started my blog/Instagram quite a few years ago whilst I was living back in New Zealand. I had a Facebook page with a large following, and initially “So Beautifully Raw” was a way for me to document my healing and my journey. I had finished competing in a bodybuilding competition and was so unhappy with my life, my body and was struggling with a few food demons - so I began blogging online about my struggles and my journey and it resonated with a lot of women who were afraid to speak out about certain subjects regarding body image and food struggles. It’s kind of always stuck around - however I deleted the Facebook after a while and just kept my Instagram, but never really payed that much attention to it until a few months ago. The “Raw” in my name simply signifies ‘REAL’ - like, real talk. I always try to keep it real and honest (as much as I can), as well as sharing my love for ‘real food’ - a lot of people get confused and think I’m all about raw food, but I’m not!


    How have your brand / website / social channels developed over time and what have been some milestones for you?

    It’s honestly only in the past 3-4 months that things have really exploded. It’s grown so fast, I honestly haven’t had time to catch up. The biggest milestone for me was reaching 100k - seeing that number is so weird! That’s a lot of people, and I feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I’m doing.


    So Beautifully Raw: Salted Caramel Donuts
    { Image: Salted Caramel Donuts }


    What are your top 3 food photography tips?

    1. Invest in a DSLR camera and a good lens.

    2. Go second hand shopping and find some old boards/slate tiles, pots/pans and ceramics. All of my plates and bowls etc. have been found thrift shopping.

    3. Shoot in natural light!!!!!!! I cannot emphasise how important that is. Pick a nice spot by a window with no direct sunlight.


    What do you love about living in Melbourne? Are there any restaurants, cafes, stores you visit for inspiration? 

    Melbourne reminds me of my home in NZ, Christchurch. It’s just way bigger! The city has an artistic flair, which I love. I live by the beach, I love sun so it really suits me well (Even though Melbourne can get freezing!). I love visiting Veggie Bar and Smith and Deli out in Fitzroy! Both have great vegan options.



    { Image: Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake }


    When did you first become aware of Loving Earth and what's your favourite way to use our foods? 

    When I first became vegan, Loving Earth products were introduced to me by a friend! I’ve never looked back since. I use a lot of coconut oil, cacao and different nectars/butters and syrups, and it’s great to have a brand that’s consistent and gives me great tasting treats.

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