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    Featured Foodies

    Featured Foodie - A Conscious Collection, Brooke Meredith

    What are your non-negotiable when it comes to diet & lifestyle?
    I wouldn’t ever budge on gluten. I’ve been intolerant for four years now and know how it makes me feel.  It’s just not worth it. Plentiful sleep is always a priority when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.


    Raw Mocha Cheesecake{image - Mocha Cheesecake}


    When and how did you first begin cooking?
    I grew up in rural Victoria, where good food was a big part of our family life. It was the center of all gatherings. From as long as I can remember I had always been in the kitchen helping mum and dad cook and prepare food, so I am extremely grateful to have learnt the fundamentals of cooking from a very young age.

    When I became intolerant to gluten and my allergies were in their peek I began to experiment with more whole, natural foods and changed my diet and cooking habits accordingly. I fell in love with the lifestyle that made me feel amazing – and so began the journey of whole foods, and endless messy kitchen. Haha


    whitechoc_banner{image - White Chocolate}


    What inspired you to start A Conscious Collection?
    A Conscious Collection is an accumulation of my love for health, fitness and food. When I started developing recipes, I wanted a place to archive them so people could easily have access. After much anticipation, I started A Conscious Collection, which swiftly become a hub for all things health and wellness.


    How have your brand / website / social channels developed over time and what have been some milestones for you?
    I’ve been lucky to have a really organic growth over all my social channels and website. Collaborating with inspiring like minded bloggers, people/ companies in the wellness industry has been a huge positive influence and loyal followers have meant a loving and supportive conscious community that continue to spread the word and share my recipes.

    Holding my own cooking classes, teaching the Melbourne community how to cook with wholesome, nourishing foods would have to be a major milestone. Who would have ever thought little old me would be in front of an eager, passionate group of people sharing my love for food.  Talk about warm fuzzy feelings!


    Raw Lemon Coconut Slice{image - Lemon Coconut Slice}


    What are your top 3 food photography tips?

    1. Good natural light

    2. Good props

    3. Good composition


    Chocolate Mousse Cups Raw{image - Chocolate Mousse Cups}


    What do you love about living in Melbourne. Are there any restaurants, cafes, stores you visit for inspiration?
    One thing I love about living in Melbourne is there are endless amazing cafes that have nutritious, flavoursome healthy menus. We really are spoilt for choice here and as breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day it really is my favourite city to live.

    I love Tall Timber, Uncommon, SOS café, Mr. Mister, Red Robyn Heal-thy Self Co to name a few.


    Chia Pudding{image - Warm Chia Pudding with Coconut Fried Banana}


    When did you first become aware of Loving Earth and what's your favourite way to use our foods?
    I first came across Loving Earth when I moved to Melbourne and discovered Melbourne’s array of health food shops. I think I purchased just about every packet of super food when I was building my collection and fell in love with your Chocolate.  I love to mix Loving Earth ingredients in my morning smoothies, add it to my baking or top my super food smoothie bowls with a few squares of salted caramel choccy. Yummmmm.

    For more foodie inspiration check out Brooke's Instagram and website.

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