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    Featured Foodies - Our Holistic Kitchen, Anna & Bree

    What are your 'non-negotiables' when it comes to diet & lifestyle?

    Anna - for me health is super important, which is how my interest in food really grew. I don't believe in diets just whole unprocessed organic food. Good sleep, hydration, and plenty of time outdoors are also right at the top of the list. I love eating raw where I can, as this makes me feel my most radiant.

    Bree - as a travel food photographer, I spend a lot of time overseas surrounded by exotic food, so it’s hard to adopt a set approach to diet and lifestyle. Eating like a local is part of the experience, and I adopt a ‘when in Rome’ attitude to eating while I’m away. Back home I like to eat mainly raw, as I’m usually craving something fresh and clean - organic and local produce where possible.


    Salted-Caramel-Swirl-Ice-Cream_banner{image - Salted Caramel Swirl Ice Cream}


    When & how did you first begin cooking?

    Anna - growing up my sister was the cook of the family. However about 15 years ago I got a range of sicknesses that I could just not shift. Back then this lead me into macrobiotic cooking which introduced me to the importance and the simple concept of whole foods to heal the body. I basically was forced to become a cook so I could eat the way I wanted and needed too. Now this is second nature to me and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

    Bree – for as long as I can remember I’ve been into cooking. Before I could read I learnt to cook from a UNCIEF picture cookbook of recipes from around the world. Cooking has always been a way of expressing myself - I simply couldn’t imagine a world in which I didn’t cook. I don’t mind spending hours in the kitchen working on a new creation. If I’m not behind the camera taking photos of food, I’m in the kitchen cooking or busy eating!


    {image - Raw Coconut & Raspberry Cheesecake}


    When did you realise how much you loved it?

    Anna - it was when I started to feel good, and realized that cooking and nourishing your body was key - to literally everything!

    Bree - my ‘aha’ moment was my first day on a food shoot 5 years ago. I didn’t know anything about photography and I spent most of the day eating the set, but I knew I ‘had’ to be part of this! The next day I quit my job and reinvented my career.


    {image - Raw Gooey Caramel Biscuits}


    What inspired you to start doing what you do? How has your brand developed and what have been some milestones for you?

    Our days have always evolved around food for as long as we can remember. We are those annoying people who are always eating and talking about our next meal! With Bree being a photographer and myself a designer we get excited about creating images and putting together recipes. We have been meaning to pair up for some time, but it has taken till now for us both to be based in our hometown.

    We started Our Holistic Kitchen on Instagram 5 months ago. We both work other jobs, so we’ve been squeezing shoots in on the weekends. Next year, we plan to focus more on Our Holistic Kitchen and further develop our brand. Being asked to be a Loving Earth Feature Foodie is the first milestone for Our Holistic Kitchen! We are excited to see what's next……


    Raw-Bounty-Bars_banner{image - Raw Bounty Bars}


    What do you love about living in Sydney? Are there any restaurants, cafes, stores you visit for inspiration? 

    We actually love eating at home as it's an excuse for a cook up. But our go to places when we are out and about in Sydney are - Earth to Table, Sadhana Café, Pana Chocolate and Orchard Juices. For pantry supplies we stock up at Honest to Goodness, Scoop Wholefoods Mona Vale and our local Avalons Organics is fabulous and has the best organic produce.


    {image - Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream}


    When did you first become aware of Loving Earth? What's your favourite way to use our foods? 

    When we embraced the raw food lifestyle and needed to source good quality, organic, raw products. Our favourite way to use Loving Earth products is to make raw treats. Our must have ingredients are: mesquite, vanilla bean powder, cocoa butter and coconut nectar - just to name a few! You also really can't top their salted caramel chocolate and caramel choc coated almonds - they’re dangerously addictive!


    For more foodie inspiration check out Anna and Bree's Instagram and website!

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