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    A Day in the Plate: Taline Gabrielian - Hippie Lane

    Taline Gabriellian is a passionate, determined and grateful mother of two who thinks food, family & style is everything. After finding out that some foods did not work for her body and beginning her healthy food journey Taline discovered her food intolerences were really a blessing in disguise! With a strong sweet tooth Taline began experimenting and formed a healthy obsession with vegan sweet treats, and Hippie Lane was born! This is her 'day in a plate'.


    There's nothing more important to me than the health and wellbeing of myself and my family. I make it a priority to eat well, and to achieve this, I have to plan ahead. Organisation is everything when it comes to clean eating.


    So here it is, my day on a plate:


    7am -. I'm Normally starving after a Killer Kayla BBG Workout and the first Thing I Have IS a Massive Delicious Green Smoothie I prep this the Night before by Rinsing my Greens - kale, Spinach, Celery, cucumber, mint and Parsley, so that I just need to add ginger, avocado, lime juice and ice and blend away. I use a Nutri bullet and I could not live without it! While sipping on this, I have either a chia pudding with berries, nuts & seeds, an acai bowl or my rawnola with coyo and fresh fruit. I make myself a take away green tea and I'm good to go.


    12pm -.. Lunch time Always Consists of a raw Salad with some warm protein I love HAVING something warm so I Usually throw in a Veggie Pattie, some Sauteed quinoa and beans or tuna My Salad Base IS Usually rocket, red onion, tomato, Capsicum , cucumber, avocado, olive and sauerkraut. I am addicted to sauerkraut, I feel like something is missing if it's not part of the mix. I finish all meals with a tea, and can not look past lemon and ginger. I normally have 1-2 cups.


    6pm -... Dinner IS Usually a warm meal with a side Salad I love to Have steamed Barramundi or lentils and a fresh Crunchy Salad I crave roasted Veg and make Different versions of it Often I Roast broccoli, Fennel, Zucchini, Cauliflower and sweet potato with turmeric, thyme, sea salt and cracked pepper.


    7pm -... Treat time Normally I Have stacks of sweet treats in the Freezer to choose from I'm most satisfied with chocolate, so I am Stoked When I Have a stash of my Raweo's or Strawberries and Cream Camomile IS my Choice for tea in the evening. It helps to calm and relax, and allows me to wind down and get ready for bed.


    I try to drink lots of water through out the day and sometimes snack on veg sticks and hummus when I get hungry between meals.


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