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    • White Chocolate Jam Drop Cookies

      Gluten free, vegan shortbread cookies with tart home-made raspberry jam. All you need with these is a cuppa!

    • Raspberry and Coconut Slice

      It’s pink, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and a perfect Mothers’ Day treat for the special ladies and Mumma Bears in our lives.

      Not only is it raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar free, but it’s also filled with nutrients thanks to Loving Earth’s delicious buckinis: a grain-free, gluten-free, wholefood mix that combines raw activated buckwheat (a protein-packed seed) with superfoods such as Maca and Mesquite. And let’s not forget the good dose of antioxidants due to Loving Earth’s raw cacao powder. We reckon all of this makes it more than ok to go back for seconds!

      So, tell Mum to put her feet up, pop the kettle on, and serve up an afternoon tea filled with love and a whole lot of goodness.

    • Raspberry Chocolates

      By Iselin Stoylen

      As Charles M. Schulz once said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt” ..

      Raspberry and dark chocolate pairs wonderfully together. These chocolates are the perfect combination of sweet, bitter, creamy and fruity. A nourishing, delicious treat for proper of all ages. I hope you love it ♥️

    • Raspberry Chocolate Cream Pie

      A chocolate cream pie that's good for you. What a dream! Kira Simpson works her magic with our Raspberry Mylk Chocolate, Cacao Powder, Coconut Oil and more! This is a set-in-fridge pie so it's perfectly refreshing for summer.

    • Raspberry Chocolate Cake

      Raspberries and Chocolate - a winning combo. That's why we've got a Raspberry Cashew Mylk Chocolate. It's also why we've made a Raspberry Chocolate Cake. Filled and decorated with fresh raspberries, this cake has "spring" written all over it!

    • Vegan French Toast Stack

      Who says breakfast has to be boring? This vegan & gluten-free French toast stack is quick, easy, and not to mention completely indulgent! Get funky with your toppings by adding the melted chocolate and fresh berries (like we did), or peanut butter and raspberry chia jam. The topping options are endless!

      Making a feast? Double the recipe to coat each slice of bread completely. You could even add in a tbsp of cacao powder for a chocolate French toast version!

    • Raspberry Chia Jam (your way!)

      Old fashioned homemade jam. There's nothing quite like it. It kind of reminds me of my childhood where my mum and I would pick the fruits from the trees in our backyard and stew our very own jam (Plenty of greenery and space in the outback of Melbourne).

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    • Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

      Kimberly from The Little Plantation is our Feature Foodie of August, and an absolute whizz with desserts. This velvety chocolate mousse hits the spot after a long day –perhaps a Friday night treat?

    • Raw Raspberry Ruffle Bars

      If you haven’t had a raspberry ‘Ruffle’ bar before, you have not lived. They have been one of my favourite treats since childhood, and back in the days I remember filling my Pick ’n’ Mix bag with these things. The best thing is they are vegan too!

      They say three’s a crowd but that’s not the case with Ruffles, which are made with three of my most favourite things – coconut, raspberries and chocolate. They’re sweet, rich and fruity all at the same time, and so damn delicious!

    • Raspberry + Dark Chocolate Oaty ...

      These oaty breakfast bites are a tasty way to start the day, the perfect on-the-run snack or a healthy after dinner treat!

    • Chocolate Raspberry Thumbprint C...

      These cookies are everything you want in a cookie and more! A rich and fudgy cookie, a sweet fruit centre and a chocolate drizzle to cap it all off. These keep best in the fridge or freezer and taste delicious served either chilled or at room temperature.

    • Dark Choc + Raspberry Beet Velve...

      Why splurge on a heavily processed, sugar-laden cake when we have the most heavenly un-processed, vegan, gluten and refined sugar free cake right here!

    • Raw Coconut & Raspberry Chee...

      This is our Christmas showstopper! A light and creamy coconut cheesecake, with a tart raspberry centre and a crunchy choc buckini base. It is the perfect cake to bring to the table this festive season. It can be made well in advance and stored in the freezer. When ready to serve, just defrost and decorate.

    • Buckinis Crusted Raspberry &...

      Loving Earth Chocolate Buckinis crust, filled with a smooth rich and sweet chocolate ganache filling, drizzled with melted loving earth raspberry chocolate, and topped with loads of raspberries. say. no. more.

    • Lavender Infused Raspberry Tartlets

      What I really love about this recipe is the extra touch you get from using your Lavender Infused Syrup (a recipe that we posted couple of months ago under staples). Easy but elegant...healthy but decadent! Enjoy!

    • Fortune Vanilla Raspberry Cookies

      Fortune comes from a positive, carefree mindset, that anyone can adopt. These feels like the ultimate comfort food or birthday party cookies for your kids. With a lovely mild sweetness and freshness from the berries, This is a winner! - Karolina Eleonóra

    • Raw-spberry Rose Cakes

      Raw desserts often mimic their conventional counterparts with an impressive masquerade, especially when it comes to tiramisu, which has a deceptively similar texture yet slightly lighter, nuttier taste to the ‘real thing’. Ultimately it’s all about taste and texture when it comes to imitation.

      This living ‘cheesecake’ is a full flavoured little number with a creamy nut base and a deliciously tart, yet sweet raspberry finish. The hint of rosewater takes it from grassroots to restaurant in no time. -Samantha Gowing

    • The Merrymaker Sisters Choc Rasp...

      Anyone recognise this cake?! It’s a merrymaker paleo-fication of a Women’s Weekly classic! That’s right! This is our Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake! Decadent, moist, chocolate, yummy goodness. Plus, chocolate + raspberries = best combo ever!  - The Merrymaker Sisters

    • Tashi's Raw Rose & Raspberry...

      This mind-blowingly amazing raw tart comes from an equally amazing friend of mine. Thank you, Tashi! Try serving it with coconut ice cream.  Rosewater essence is a more concentrated form of rosewater. If you only have rosewater, use 1 ½ teaspoons. And if you can’t find edible rose petals, use some of the petals from rose tea. This recipe needs to be started the night before.  - Lola Berry


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