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    • Hazelnut Chocolate Easter Tart

      This Hazelnut Chocolate Tart will be the star of the show for the Easter long weekend feast. Best of all, no one will guess it's made from wholefood ingredients and as healthy as it is decadent!

    • Double Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk ...

      When you're on the search for something chocolate-y, cake-y and a little bit gooey...look no further than a chocolate brownie ;) We call this one "double hazelnut" because it includes our velvety Hazelnut bar as well as whole roasted hazelnuts mixed through - the added crunch makes the brownie!

    • Choc-Hazelnut Torte

      I’m intimidated by making layered cakes. At one stage I thought someone could potentially Photoshop another layer or two if it didn’t work. Then someone told me to split between two tins. True story :/

    • Caramel Choc Hazelnut Swirl Ice ...

      We ran a competition called Nuts About Nuts and Olivia's entry had our mouths watering! The perfect way to kick off spring - a super easy vegan ice cream recipe!

      The best part is that the recipe is completely customisable — you can even blend Loving Earth Hazelnut Chocolate Butter throughout the mixture to make it extra chocolatey!

    • Vegan Chocolate Crepe Cake

      Crepes are most europeans staple breakfast or dessert. Growing up I had them most weeks with jam, nutella or fruit. I LOVE crepes. When I first became vegan, I thought I would have to say goodbye to them forever. Little did I know that there are many substitutes for eggs and dairy milk.

      I experimented a lot with different types of flour, different binding agents and finally settled on this one that was a great consistency, tastes ridiculously similar and it’s super easy to make!

      The idea for a crepe cake came about when Michael asked me earlier this year to make one for his birthday but using something that was as close to nutella as possible…I must say, I did fail a little as the spread I created wasn’t the one in this recipe and it didn’t have as much resemblance as it should have. I wanted to recreate something similar but using the Hazelnut Chocolate Butter and it certainly passed the test this time! If you love nutella and crepes, you will love this!

      It’s perfect for a special (naughty) breakfast for 4 or a nice dessert for 6.

    • Chocolate Hazelnut Bars

      This slice is inspired by (wait for it) everybody's  all time favourite, Nutella. With no refined sugar, plenty of healthy fats, no gluten, and no animal products, this is a slice you and all your friends with special diets can enjoy!

    • Warm Orange and Hazelnut Chocola...

      This chocolate cake is almost a pudding, served warm with a fudge-like icing. Its texture is light and surprisingly fluffy for a nut based cake, and it's satisfying chocolate flavour is not too sweet and is spiked with just enough orange zest. The batter is made in a blender, making it an easy and delicious treat, and one that is even weeknight friendly! If you prefer, you can also serve this cake at room temperature, the icing will cool to a spreadable consistency.

    • You Are A Love Being Bar

      Like the classic Snickers bar, but healthy. You feel the quality in every bite. If you are a fan of hazelnuts, peanut butter and raw chocolate, these decadent bars are for you.  - Karolina Eleonóra


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