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    Activated Almonds

    Raw Organic Activated Almonds from California. Soaked (sprouted) to release their enzyme inhibitors, activated nuts are more easily digested than raw or roasted nuts, allowing for greater absorption of nutrients.
    • BULK 5 Kg -

    What is it?

    Our activation process involves soaking the almonds in filtered water before dehydrating, which makes them really plump and gives an almost roasted taste. This process maintains the nutritive qualities traditionally associated with almonds.

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    • Cane Sugar Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Direct Trade
    • Dairy Free
    • Low GI
    • Vegan
    Ingredients Organic Almonds *Made in Australia from imported ingredients

    How to use

    Activated Almonds are versatile and can be used in many ways. Fitness industry professionals often snack on, and recommend almonds as a healthy snack because of its high protein and low carbohydrate and fat content. Both flavors of nuts are great stand alone snacks.

    Health Benefits

    Various studies have shown that almonds have an affinity for cardio vascular health. Almonds naturally contain no Cholesterol, however are able to regulate cholesterol in our bodies by reducing LDL ('bad') cholesterol and increase HDL ('good') cholesterol. The Ayurvedic system of medicine considers almonds to be both brain and nervous system supporting. Anti-inflammation, immune boosting and liver supportive qualities have also recently been published in various medical journals. Activated nuts are easily digested and more nutritious than raw or roasted nuts. Raw nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that make them difficult to digest, inhibiting our body's ability to absorb nutrients. An activated nut is a nut that has been soaked (sprouted) to release its enzyme inhibitors. Our nuts are dehydrated between 38-40 degrees to maintain optimum nutrition.

    Growing & Processing

    Our activation process maintains the nutritive qualities traditionally associated with almonds. We sprout our almonds in order to release the enzyme inhibitors, which are used by the nut to stop it from growing before it is in the optimum location. This makes them much easier to digest. After we've begun the sprouting process we then dehydrate our almonds at no higher than 40 degrees to maintain optimum nutrition.

    Nutrition Information

    Serving Size 50g

     Per ServePer 100g
       - saturated1.8g3.7g
       - sugars2.4g4.8g
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