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    • Immunity Boosting Smoothie

      This smoothie will give your immune system the support it needs to keep you healthy this winter.

    • Salad with Gubinge Dressing

      Packed full of nothing but the good stuff, so tasty even the little ones will enjoy this combo!
      Add your favorite protein or perfect as is for a light meal

    • Golden Gubinge Milk

      The ultimate cold and flu fighter, this is a powerhouse healing elixir that we drink all winter long. In summer, it is just as good poured over ice.

    • Dulce De Leche Mousse w/ Chocola...

      This recipe brings back so many memories of when I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I remember trying Dulce de Leche for the first time in the bakery next door to my apartment. Complimented by Dark Orange Chocolate, this mousse is my favourite way to enjoy Dulce de Leche.

    • Mini Jaffa Cheesecakes

      Jaffa is a flavour that I have loved dearly since I was a kid and this dessert is a grown up version that takes me back to devouring a packet of my favourite childhood chocolate treats at the movies.

      These are the perfect indulgent desserts that will wow your friends as they crack through the Mandarin & Gubinge chocolate into the dreamy cheesecake filling then the crumbly buckwheat base. Make them ahead of time so you can focus on hanging out with your friends and family.

    • Hot Cross Scones

      Hot Cross Scones are the best of both worlds; hot cross buns and scones. There’s nothing like waking up to home baked goods on Easter morning (or any morning in fact!).

      This is the first gluten free scone recipe I’ve developed and to my luck I’ve had some success! They are so yummy, filled with lots of goodies including cranberries, spices and our Mandarin & Gubinge chocolate. Top with coconut yoghurt or Blueberry Chia Jam - the perfect comfort food coupled with a cup of tea.

    • Scott’s Breakfast

      Hi everyone, this is Scott here. I have to admit it...this is my secret power source! Our Buckini Deluxe mix has almost everything in it, but I find that a sprinkling of our Gubinge powder and Acai powder on top really supercharges it. Not only do they add to the flavour but the colours are beautiful. This keeps me going in the mornings and long into the afternoon; with a bowl of this, I'll often ...

    • Grilled Lemon & Gubinge Pops...

      This is a perfect warm weather treat! The grilled lemons make this popsicle a more grown up flavour and would work really well placed in a delicious citrus cocktail! - Emily Williamson

    • Immune Boosting Milk

      This protein rich milk substitute is packed with not only flavour but also Superfoods! Serve chilled on a summer’s day for a delicious snack that will also support your detoxification pathways due to the rich vitamin C content of gubinge.  - Emma Sutherland

    • Gingerbread & Pumpkin Loaf w...

      Gingerbread is a flavour that takes me back to my childhood; gingerbread men and gingernut biscuits dunked in tea! This is a wholesome loaf with dark gingery flavours, sweetened naturally with pumpkin and Coconut Sugar. Ginger is a well known ingredient to boosting immune function along with our Gubinge Powder which is the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet. Now we can have our cake and eat it too! -Emily Williamson


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