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    Our Philosophy

    Loving Earth is based on the philosophy that the earth is a living organism, popularised by James Lovelock’s Gaia theory.
    The very same idea is at the heart of many indigenous cultures around the world. This philosophy consists of an immense respect for our environment, recognising our own physical bodies as being an indispensable part of that environment. Accordingly, the three central principles of Loving Earth are Healthy - Sustainable – Fair. These ideals have been extremely important to us since the beginning and are the foundation of everything that we do.

    Our Story

    The Loving Earth story began in 2007 when our founders Scott Fry and Martha Butler returned to Melbourne from Mexico, bringing with them the ingredients to create our very first chocolate bars.
    Their apartment was the HQ, with night shift at a local bakery the manufacturing site. From day one the demand for our raw chocolate was far greater than the production capacity, and it wasn’t long before our first employee came onboard…

    Our Staff

    At Loving Earth we're blessed with the best team in the world.
    These are the people who ensure that our organic fairly traded ingredients become the high-quality products which end up in your hands. With over a dozen countries represented, we're truly an international ensemble!


    At Loving Earth, we see our planet as a living organism.
    We are an integral part of this living being along with all the animals, plants, insects, oceans and mountains, and through this inherent connectivity, the smallest of actions can have a lasting impact.

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